3 Secret Features about iOS11 You Should Know

Apple rolled out its new iOS11 update recently and it has been in the news ever since. There are various tweaks made to the software which will make the lives of millions of users around the world a little easier. Wide variety of key features like stopping the apps from asking reviews constantly seems to be doing well with its users. There are other secret features of the operating system that you need to be aware about as well.


  1. Taking photos of video calls.

The proprietary image format by Apple is the first step towards capturing a perfect moment when using Facetime with your loved ones. The process of taking live photo during a call is activated by the white button at the bottom left screen corner. Both the users need to have iOS11 for this function to work. The other person also gets a notification about the live photo being taken. There’s also a setting to turn it off if you don’t want anyone to take your photo.

  1. Typing questions to Siri.

This new feature which is an accessibility feature, allows you to type your question to Siri instead of speaking to it. However, if you turn it on, Siri will not work on voice until it is on. Along with this, there’s also a smart invert feature which changes the backgrounds to darker colours and the texts lighter.

  1. Saving website as PDF’s

There are times when you want to share a webpage to your friend, but also make some changes to it. There’s a new option in Safari which will allow you to share the movilcrack after converting it to a PDF.

These were some of the lesser known features of the new iOS11 app which you might not be aware about. Please check out similar articles to know more about iOS11 update.


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