An Honest Review of the Book 3 Week Diet

The people who are struggling to lose those extra pounds and trying every means to do so but eventually fails due to lack of motivation the 3 week diet program is the perfect solution they were looking for. These people were very often victimized by dishonest people and that has affected their self confidence to a great extent.

The 3 week diet book:

The author Brian Flatt is a nutritionist and trainer who came to their rescue. In his book, he found a perfect balance between exercise and diet for an effective weight loss program. The book claims to reduce weight as much as 23 pounds in 3 weeks. This is what attracted most people. To good the desired result in a very short time. Mostly people who are trying hard to lose weight start losing the motivation when they don’t see any visual difference in their weight after trying just for few days.

Customer Response:

The book 3 week diet not only helps in weight loss but helps in overall improvement of the muscles and body structure. The exercises that are mentioned in the program along with diet look a little difficult for a beginner though. The book generated some controversy which was evident from the 3 week diet reviews provided by the readers.


The book has asked to use certain supplements like Omega 3 which many readers didn’t want to use and another supplement which generated some raised eyebrows was using nicotine to burn fat since nicotine is a good fat burner. Many people were not that desperate to lose weight by using some addictive substance and another downside of this program is it’s not for vegan people.


Apart from the above mentioned negatives this program is actually most effective diet present to lose weight in a short period of time. There are several experts who have reviewed Flatt’s method and feel it can actually work. The book comes with a money back guarantee so the person who brought this book and did not get the desired result can get the money back which he paid for the book which makes the book even more lucrative.

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