How take proper care of your dry eye in winters?


Most of us feel that the area around the eyes gets patchy and dry during winters. It is a very common problem and millions face the same when the weather changes. The dryness around the eyes may be irritating but not a serious problem until it is ignored. Experts suggest that it is due to the lack of humidity and the lack of water vapors in the atmosphere. The common winter problems if ignored can lead to serious issues and hence it is always advised that thecare should be taken well in time.

How to keep your skin healthy

  • Keep your skin clean: – Most of us tend to stay away from the regular cleanliness routine in winter. The eCellulitis tips for dryness around eyes suggests that the skin should be cleaned around two times a day with Luke warm water. The soap and scrub should be used to wash off the dead particles and moisturizer post-cleaning is a must. Since it is winter treatment a winter care moisturizer should be used instead.
  • Remove makeup: – Make sure that limited and goodquality make up is used around the eyes. The mascara and the eye liners should be cleaned before sleeping. The flaky skin around eyes advice on eCellulitisstates thatleaving make up around the eyes sometimes leads to dryness and itchiness.
  • Mild products:- The most important advice for all seasons is that the product that one uses on the skin especially around the eyes should be mild and alcohol and chemical free. The dry flaky skin under eyes has a huge insight on how to choose the right skin care product. The skin around the eyes is soft and very thin and demands special care.

The small steps will lead to a younger looking and healthy skin


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