How to spend the gems in clash royale

Well, you can see that many people will tell you to save your gems so that you can spend them on the grand challenges. If you have played the game, then you surely know that it is an addictive game. And to win or master this game you will need a lot of gems and gold. So players need to spend them wisely. If you’re confused on where or how to spend the gems here is a direct guide to you. There are many Clash Royale gems hack for getting Clash Royale free gems.

Clash Royale free gems

Guide to spending gems


  • Normally you will see that spending gems on chests are not a good idea. As spending in the chest won’t help you to get a lot of gold, so it is better to save them. Any giant chest will take 520 gems and in return for 287 cards and 860 gold. It indicates that you are only getting 1.6 gold pieces for a single gem. Do not opt for super magical chest or magical chest as they are also a bad purchase. Do not opt for silver chest as you will only get 0.2 number of gold for every gem. It is better to select the super magical chest as it will give 6600 gold for each gem.


  • So to master this game go for cyclic chests. There are many more ways to gain more gems and gold by using the Clash Royale hack free. To know how to play this game properly, you should learn about the features of this games so that you can spend wisely as gems or gold in this game is quite hard to get. And spending gems for getting gold is not the only option of this game.


You can also opt for gold or gems generator tools from Clash Royale hack. It will help you play the game properly without worrying about the gems or gold.



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