Movie Torrents Performs Better than Normal Downloads

Many of us knowing or unknowingly use torrent on every day basis. The ideal purpose of using torrents is generally for downloading large file size. But it different from normal download because the movie torrents involves files that are not stored in the server rather it is stored on peers. What are peers? Peers are clients where you will find a part or complete file. Torrents basically uses peer-to-peer file transfer protocol.

Torrent Downloading process VS Normal Downloading

In normal downloading, files are stored in the server, so the server owner holds full control of his server and in many instances you will be denied permission for downloading your favorite movies. On the other hand, movie torrent works through a client. There is a small file with torrent extension, so initially you would be downloading the extension file. When you open the file in the torrent client, you will come to know about all the clients who holds the movie file. Henceforth, your search is saved and download becomes more easier.

Torrent better than Normal Downloads

When it comes to downloading, movies torrents considered far better choice than normal downloading in many aspects such as

  • Torrents has larger bandwidth and maximum download speed than normal downloading
  • Links are maintained in the download sites only for a shorter period of time but this is not the case in torrent movies. The movies links are saved forever
  • With torrent downloads you have the provision of pause, stop and resume
  • You can audit and track records of the previous user with torrent, so you can be aware about the reviews and ratings about the movie before you download

Final Conclusions

With direct downloads you have number of conflicts like download discrepancy when the connection is slow, server access permission etc. whereas movie torrents compromises on all these aspects. So torrents are truly a best choice than normal downloads.

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