Shisha Pen– Enhanced option to smoking

E-cigarette are gaining momentum in the recent years compared to the conventional cigars or pipes. shisha Pen or electronic e-cigarette are battery operated device containing nicotine that generate flavored smoke like breath from the pen kind of sticks. Though their appearance is like an old fashioned tobacco cigars or pens or even memory sticks yet they use aerosol (consists of nicotine) and works almost in the analog fashion.

shisha pen

Electronic Shisha Pen – In a nutshell

If you are speculating some vision about shisha pen then this will help you in understanding much more and you can unravel how it works.  So what is electronic shisha? They are like normal cigarette except instead using tobacco it uses oil which contains nicotine, flavors and other chemicals. This oil is held in cartridge or in some e-cigars generally referred as tank. An atomizer heats up the oil and produces not a smoke but rather a vapor. You will be inhaling this vapor which is available in a plenty of flavors.

Origin of e-cigars and better alternative

Previously e-cigars were patented as a smokeless non tobacco device which had the similar feel like puffing and smoking but with advancement in technology Chinese were able to make a much better version of the hookah pen so the global business industry boomed to a larger extent as they are comparatively less harmful than the conventional tobacco cigarettes. After careful studies and research it reveals that e-cigarette vapors could make your lungs more susceptible to infections and traces of free radical toxins that contains only 1% of the level found in real cigarettes.

Summing it up

Electronic shisha are complete alternate to regular cigarette and best replacement to people who regularly smoke. With ample of brands and flavor it is more likely preferred by the people. But nicotine is an addictive so better be more conscious before you give it a start.



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