Some Useful Information on First Person Shooter Aimbots

 Aimbots are certain programs that are used in online shooter games or any game which requires the use of any kind of aiming. The pubg hacks like Aimbot shoot or aim for the player in the game. These are codes that the gaming client injects into the game as a hacking mechanism.  These are usually used in games that make use of multiple players.

What is the working mechanism of Aimbots?

The fundamental flaws of online shooter games is utilized to make Aimbots work. In shooter games, the screen generally has to display the complete game-play to its player, with the full gaming map showing each and every player. Each player needs to have weapons which should work and at the same time the whole picture needs to be at-least partially shown. These objects include the enemy with their weapons as well so that the player can aim and shoot its enemy. This mechanism is used to makes pubg ESP work.

pubg aimbot

The general features of Aimbots

Aimbots usually have the following features –

  • The BOT will either have the ability to aim and shoot or it will only be able to aim.
  • The aiming speed will be limited.
  • The time difference between the aim and the shoot can be set.
  • It will either aim at the closer targets or at the far ones at a time.
  • They have a variety of customizing features that can be used as per requirement.

Is it possible for players to detect Aimbots?

A pubg hack like an aimbotcan be detected by the use of proper anti-hacking softwares. But the anti-hack software that is being used should be aware of the code of aimbot being used in order to detect it. But in case the aimbot being used has the feature of not being detected then it can be really tough to detect it.


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