Things to Consider While Purchasing a Wireless Doorbell

Doorbells are essentials that are required by all and sundry. Like all other electronic items, doorbells also have evolved from wired to wireless. Even though wired ones serve their purpose just fine,wireless doorbells are better and improved!

Problems of wired doorbells:

The main issue with wired ones was that theywere confined to the room they were put in. Sometimes, people would have to stand and ring the bell for a long time before the occupant of the house could hear and open the door. With wireless doorbell, people can place it around the house according to their convenience. It has certainly ensured the freedom of occupants and is advantageous for the visitors as well.

Things to keep in mind while making a transition from wired to wireless doorbells:

There are certain criteria that you will have to keep in mind while buying a wireless bell. These are –

  • Volume-

The first important thing that comes to our mind is- “Is the doorbell loud enough?” Volume is one thing that cannot be compromisedwith. Even though you have the freedom to place the doorbell anywhere in the house, you should ascertain that it can be heard over other noise.

  • Range-

The distance between a bell’s button and receiving unit is known asrange. You need to ensure that it covers maximum distance. Optimum range allows the wireless unit to be carried anywhere in the house.

  • Chimes-

Even though it is not as crucial as the points before, a large option of chimes adds extra attraction to it. Some bells have only 4-5 options while some have as many as 40 different chimes. The are ones that come with agreater number of chimes.

  • Simple installation-

Installing a wireless bell does not take a genius. However, there are a few kinds that take some work to figure out. So it is better to get the ones that can be plugged in or installed without much hassle.

With the given tips in mind, it is quite easy to get a wireless doorbell. So make the change from wired to wireless bell today!


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