Tips To Break the Convention with Big Diabetes Lie

Diabetes is a very common health disorder which is present in almost all the individuals. It can be really harmful if not treated properly. It makes your life sour and flushes out happiness. So it is important to treat your diabetes by reversing it in homely natural way.

Here I will tell you few tip’s how you can reverse diabetes without medication and actual see signs of improvement within 30 days.

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Do’s and Don’ts for a healthy lifestyle

So first I will start with DONT’S- foods or items / habits which should be excluded from your life:

  • Say no to smoking:-smoking is very harmful and it directly linked with diabetes and cardiac problems. It triggers the rate of typ2 diabetes which can badly affect your kidney, heart, nervous system.
  • Ban alcohol: – This item should be banned completely even if you have diabetes or not. More the consumption of alcohol, more the glucose level increases.
  • Dairy products and high-in fat products, refined sugar: – All types of different dairy products, sugar, cow’s milk and all varieties of products rich in fat should be avoided completely if you want to live a healthy life.
  • Use should stop living sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy lifestyle

Now let me tell you the DO’s to reverse your diabetes:

  • You should maintain a proper diet plan and have foods which are rich in fibre as it helps to break down glucose.
  • Food rich in chromium also helps you improve glucose tolerance. Raw cheese, beans, broccoli are very good source of chromium.
  • Add some protein in your daily food. Eggs, fish, chicken these are very good for your body.
  • Make exercise a routine in your daily life and stop being. Live a very active life

Big diabetes lies, a guide to bring sweetness in your life

To finish off with this, I would also suggest grab a book on diabetes like the big diabetes lie. This is a very comprehensive book which explains you properly about your eating habits. You can also check the big diabetes lie reviews and Hungry review big diabetes lie given by the users to get more clear picture and better understanding.


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