Useful Strategies for Corn Hole Game Play

With increasing popularity, cornhole game is played as a tournaments as individuals as well as teams. The game is for everyone, though entry levels are expensive yet the prizes are more attractive. A toss with a perfect arc and a perfect slide can make an individual a real winner. You need to discover the right strategies to excel the game and be a good finisher in corn hole game.

Strategies in Corn Hole Game

There are different ways you can play a cornhole game but the most crucial thing is to end as a winner. Like any other games cornhole also follows several moves and techniques to provide you a better prospect in events and tournaments.

Road Block Strategies

First thing to do is the road block when the opponent is mastered in hitting the bags into the corn hole. You can minimize his chances of winning by placing your bag exactly in front of the hole. Thus you can stop your opponent bag sliding into the hole and earn more points. This is a principal strategy used by the professionals to worsen the chances of the opponents.

cornhole game

Air Mail Strategies

If your opponent is using the road block strategy, how to overcome and make your wins. Here airmail strategy comes as a rescue during trouble. Airmail is nothing but tossing the bag in the air and making it drop straight into the hole. It is considered as the most risky shotbesides the most difficult shot to play because when you miss the shot, your opponent bag will be pushed in the hole.


There are couple of other strategies too like slide and push to increase your chances of winning the game. Though many professionals play the game seriously for their living yetcorn hole is played in simple fashion by many players across the country.


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