Vaping Vs. Smoking: Which One Is Better?

Vaping is comparatively a recent trend that has been introduced to the world. It is very much similar to smoking except the fact that it doesn’t involve any fire, smoke or odor like tobacco cigarettes. Now, the question is whether vaping is safer than smoking or not. To answer that question we first need to know the difference between the both.

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The Difference between Vaping and Smoking

According to a report published by Public Health England, e-cigarettes were found to be at least 95 percent safer than regular smokes. Well, there has been a lot of debate going on this topic which clearly discloses the following differences between the two:

  • It is an established truth that tobacco cigarettes contain tons of harmful chemicals which are mostly cancer-causing agents but, whereas e-cigarettes are concerned they contain only fewer chemicals which are more or less harmless.
  • Tobacco cigarettes contain a good amount of nicotine which may damage the lungs over a period of time. But when it comes to e-cigarettes, the nicotine level differs based on the flavor of e-juice installed inside it.
  • It is a known fact that tobacco smoking causes a list of lung and heart diseases including cancer. But as far as e-cigarettes are concerned there is no such evidence that e-cigarettes can cause such damage.

From these above-stated differences, it is clear that e-cigarettes are far less harmful than tobacco cigarettes. Therefore, people who are chain smokers should consider switching to e-cigarettes. This will not only save them from the long-term damage but, e-cigarettes are also quite cheap in comparison to tobacco smokes. In case you don’t know from where to get e-cigarettes, E-cigaret Land is the place where you should look for. They have a variety of Roskilde e-juice for you to choose from.



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