What Are The Kind Of Puzzles To Expect In An Escape Room?

These days the one thing that is continuously rising in popularity is the escape room game Charleston Sc. These games with its interesting features have won the hearts of many. People especially the younger generation find these games highly interesting as well as adventurous. Well, speaking of the escape game Charleston sc let’s find out the types of puzzles that you will come in the game.

The Different Types of Puzzles to Expect

In an escape games Charleston sc, you will come across many different types of puzzles. So before, you hit the escape room with your team; it’s better than you know about the different puzzles.

  1. Hidden Objects: Hidden objects are the first type of puzzles that you will come across in the game. The main objective of this is to make you look at things critically and switch on your power of imagination. That’s because most of the important things in the game are kept hidden, and it’s up to you that how you find them.
  2. Riddles: An escape room is just incomplete without riddles. Things like crosswords, sudoku, mazes are an essential part of very escape room game. So when you are inside an escape room, expect a lot of riddles patiently waiting for you.
  3. Light & Sound: You will also find plenty of visual hint inside an escape room. Sparkling messages, UV paint are a part of the game. Also, you will come across sound hints such as melody tune, morse code, etc.
  4. Numbers & Texts: You may also need to work your brain on hardcore maths in here. So keep your calm and don’t panic.
  5. Physical Puzzles: Another interesting thing that you will find in an escape room is the physical puzzles where you may have to hit a target or break a lock etc.

So, these are the various kinds of puzzles that you may find inside an escape room.

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