What went behind creating Lugano Diamonds

Lugano diamonds is a name synonymous with the jewelry and the diamond industry. This is a name that is also associated with elegance, class, quality and beauty. However, this did not happen overnight and nor was this a fluke of nature or just a happy coincidence. There is a lot of hard work and painstaking effort which went into creation of the Lugano Diamond brand.

This brand was founded with a specific vision. The vision was one of creation of jewelry which was unique and literally one of a kind. It did not just stop at making exquisite jewelry. There were jewelry pieces inspired by various elements of nature and even there is an equinine collection.

The CEO who is also the design director – MotiFerderhad the vision of creating each piece with nothing but the best. Therefore, the pieces of jewelry are made with precious and rare gems cut with precision so as to bring out the best in them.

lugano diamonds

These pieces of jewelry are created with meticulousness from start to finish. There are various collections one can chose from – the bridal collections, earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, brooches and even jewelry for men.

The Lugano Diamonds collection has a very unique setting. It is done either at the preferred location of the client or else it can be done at the private salons owned by Lugano Diamonds.

The company is committed to not only giving the best to their clientele but also to giving back to society. Therefore, Lugano Diamonds under the leadership of MotiFerderis associated with a number of organizations which do philanthropic work. They are associated with various community outreach programs, health and wellness, education as well as the Arts.

Infact, MotiFerder is also on the board for the American Film Institute in addition to the Segerstrom Center for Arts.


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