Whizzinator: What You Get When You Purchase It?

Along with the Whizzinator device, you are going to get everything that can be conceived to be required for imitating the process of urination in the most natural way. A list of stuffs that you get has been prepared here for you. The Whizzinator is your prosthetic penis that comes along with a pouch made up of vinyl. The pouch has a strip for maintaining temperature. This whole device will be strapped on to your body.

Companions of Whizzinator

Other than the fake penis, there are some other things included in the Whizzinator kit. You will get for yourself a vial containing synthetic urine. Syringes are usually used for filling up the pouches with the urine. There are also heating pads added to the pouch which would heat up the synthetic urine to the temperature of the human body. An instruction manual would also be provided so that you do not mess up things.



The addition of the valve on the head of the Whizzinator is one of the biggest changes that the new model has undergone over the older ones. This device is completely natural looking and hence has many different types of applications.


If you are wondering whether the device will work perfectly or not, you can really depend upon user reviews to know the answer. You should not however use the device in any illegal manner. It is a product for entertainment of adults and must stay at that limit.

This device’s imitation is so natural, that people will not even notice it if you use it in one of your adult games. You however need to be acting properly and use the synthetic urine which is not much different from the natural urine. The Whizzinator is preferred by thousands all over the world.

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