Why sitting at one place long can be dangerous?

In latest surveys it has been found that sitting at a position for a long time has equivalent side effects as smoking. Rather than sitting at a place for 6-8 hours, you can stand more during the day. It’s true, with our new culture of work; it’s very difficult to stand during the day. By any way, we will end sitting at our desks. Rather than trying to stand more, we can opt for occasional walk once in 1 hour and maintaining a perfect posture. Employees’ are made aware about right position type for a healthy lifestyle. These practices can help in a long run by lowering risks of lower back and neck pain. Also it will increase productivity and metabolism of your body.

lokiec tenisisty

People who tend to sit at a position the whole day are prone to diabetes and obesity and have risks of heart attack. Well it may seem a tough job but you can adapt to standing for some work as responding to mails, reading books or having discussions. We cannot always acquaint time for exercise, but taking stairs instead of going can escalator or lift certainly can help. Our muscles need exercise, if we sit at a position for long, it may get stiff. As suggested by fizjoterapeuta, walking or cycling to office can prevent loss of flexibility to muscle. Sometimes long working hours in office can cause lokiec tenisisty which when ignored will need rehab program or therapy. Its better that you take precaution now else you will be prone to health risks. You can opt for adjustable desks so you don’t have to stoop in while working. And for ladies, avoid wearing heels when standing; it can damage your posture.

So start a healthy living by switching to standing and occasional sitting habit at work.

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