Your Favorite Clash Of Clans Characters But In Completely Different Game Is Clash Royale Hack!

Clash royale is a tower rushing multiplayer game based on the customized card game. This game was developed in the year 2016 by supercell.

In this game, a player wins a battle by destroying more towers. More towers you destroy, more you move towards reaching the highest level. I tell you guys this game is bit different in a way as you get points by destroying more towers than your opponent.

In this game, the player reaches the next level by gaining experience and getting more ranks through counting trophies. The maximum level is till 13.

When a player wins the battle they get to unlock ‘chest’. These chests are unlocked at a specific time period depending on their availability.

Your life-saver: Clash royale generator

To provide the players with more number of characters, god, and gems, clash royal has upgraded its versions and developed clash royale hacks generator. This generator helps you to give access, unlimited gems, and gold.

clash royale gems

So we hope now you are aware of what clash royale game and the generator is all about.

So how to use this generator

  • First go the generator page
  • Enter unique username and password
  • In the gems and gold column, give as many numbers of clash royale gems and gold you want and click enter button
  • Then after the connection is established, do the human verification process and Enjoy Playing!

The fun continues!!

Clash royale not only has card games and free gems but it has also added more features within a year. Tournament and league are the two new features which have been added.  The tournament is just like a normal battle while the league s a bit difficult, which is unlocked after you gain more than 400 trophies.

So we guess that you have enough idea about the game so let me tell you something all the interesting! This addictive rush tower game is completely free and can be played in both online and offline mode. So just download the game, open the generator, get unlimited clash royale free gems, gold and START PLAYING.

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